Business Incubation Program

Grow your small business in a facility that has ongoing support for your business and all your startup needs.

Program Description

The South Valley Economic Development Center is an information hub for our community members who have existing or emerging new businesses. Through our trainings, facility, and assistance from our partner organizations, we give entrepreneurs a unique advantage in the first few years of business. Alongside of that we offer a full-time business consultant to help assist with growth, operations, and strategy needs. We support clients with month-to-month check-ins alongside a road-map to help their success be at its highest level. The road map is tailored to the individual’s needs and their business’s needs.


  • Unlimited access to business incubation training (55+ topics) and one-on-one consultant hours
  • Unlimited access to community events
  • Fiscal address at the center
  • Receptionist service
  • Use of high-speed internet
  • Use of copy center
  • Lunch room
  • Use of resources (coffee maker and pot, chairs, table, projector, touch screen, tables, white board, etc.)
  • 10 hours/month of shared spaces (Main Conference room, Multipurpose Room, Office by the hour
  • Full access to co-working area
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How Can You Apply?


Sign-Up for Our Informational Meeting

Duration: 1 hour

When: Please call our main line for more information

Language: English & Spanish

Time: Please call our main line for more information

Fee: No fee

Where: South Valley Economic Development Center


Sign-Up to Participate in an Assessment

Duration: 1 hour

When: Within one week of Informational Meeting

Language: English & Spanish

Fee: $80.00 *
*Potential clients that meet the Federal Guidelines for Lower Income Households will be billed differently throughout the program.

Where: South Valley Economic Development Center

Note: Confirmation via email with client services

Start accelerating your business today!


How much office space do you have?

Office space ranges from 120 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft.

How much does office space cost at SVEDC?

Our rate is 22.00 USD per square foot for office space.

Do you offer any subsidy programs?

Yes! Our Business Incubation Program is subsidized by our partner organizations, foundations, individual donors, government contracts, etc. at a discount rate of:

  • Year 1 – 50%
  • Year 2 – 50%
  • Year 3 – 50%
  • Year 4 – 25%
  • Year 5 – 10%
  • Year 6 – Graduation

If you meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you have access to an additional subsidy.

How long does the Business Incubation Program last?

The SVEDC will incubate the entrepreneur for five (5) years. Within those five years the SVEDC will incrementally decrease the subsidized cost of the office space to ensure that the entrepreneur can continue their business once they graduate from the program.

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