Virtual Incubation Program

Allows the entrepreneur to verify that one has a viable business idea and/or product through succinct guidance, assistance and support. If one has an existing business, this program allows the business to strengthen through the same support channels.

Program Description

The South Valley Economic Development Center has created an incubation program to help the entrepreneur, whether existing or brand new, verify that the business idea or food product is viable. Through our direct and clear Virtual Incubation Milestones, this program brings you from step one of starting a business to the finish line. The SVEDC recognized that the start-up process is difficult to navigate, so we created a step by step process that directs you properly, and negates the question of “is this the right first step or next step to starting my small business.

The SVEDC team assesses the entrepreneur’s strengths and weaknesses and allows one to strengthen those weaknesses through our trainings, cohorts, partner organization support, and consulting services. When graduating from of the Virtual Incubation Program, the entrepreneur has created, validated, and is ready to launch their small business; or the entrepreneur, for a low cost, has decided on its viability – which sometimes doesn’t always equate into the launch of a business.

Existing businesses can strengthen the areas of weaknesses within their business through the Virtual Incubation Programs consultants & trainings. With the completion of the Virtual Incubation Program, the client graduates into the Mixing Bowl Incubation Program or Business Incubation Program.



  • Full access to co-working area
  • Unlimited access to business incubation training (55+ topics) and one-on-one consultant hours
  • Unlimited access to community events
  • Fiscal address at the center
  • Receptionist service
  • Use of high-speed internet
  • Use of copy center
  • Use of lunch room
  • Use of resources (coffee maker and pot, chairs, table, projector, touch screen, tables, white board, etc.).
  • 10 hours/month of shared spaces (Main Conference Room, Multipurpose Room, Office) by the hour.
  • Commercial kitchen access to test your products
  • Dry & cold storage
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How Can You Apply?


Sign-Up to Participate in Our Informational Meeting

Duration: 1 hour

When: Please call our main line for more information

Language: English & Spanish

Time: Please call our main line for more information

Fee: No fee

Where: South Valley Economic Development Center


Sign-Up to Participate in an Assessment

Duration: 1 hour

When: Within one week of Informational Meeting

Language: English & Spanish

Fee: $80.00 *
*Potential clients that meet the Federal Guidelines for Lower Income Households will be billed differently throughout the program.

Where: South Valley Economic Development Center

Note: Confirmation via email with client services

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How does Virtual Incubation differ from traditional incubation programs?

The main purpose of the Virtual Incubation Program is to support the entrepreneur in validating the viability of their business, and navigating the process of properly registering their new business. The entrepreneur is assigned a virtual office and is granted access all of our services and resources, without the need for dedicated office space and physical presence altogether.

Does my business need to be located within the SVEDC facility?

No, but you have the opportunity to register your business with our address and make use of our services and resources.

How long does the Virtual Incubation Program last?

The SVEDC allows all potential entrepreneurs to validate their food product or business idea in this stage. Clients can participate in the Virtual Incubation Program for up to 5 years, though most businesses are launching within the first 6 months!