The South Valley Economic Development Center provides facilities, resources and training for new and expanding small businesses, with an eye to job creation and fostering the economic revitalization of the South Valley community.

Established to develop greater South Valley community opportunity while supporting the entrepreneurial efforts it inspires and supports, the SVEDC’s built into its mission the commitment to usher in a new age of South Valley entrepreneurship while preserving the South Valley’s heritage and culture.

South Valley Economic Development


The SVEDC’s Entrepreneurial Development Program provides tenant companies with hands-on business assistance, including:

  • Business plan review, assessment, and refinement
  • Market research, strategy, and penetration
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand development and customer value proposition
  • Product planning, positioning, and pricing
  • Coaching for investor or corporate presentations
  • Licensing and financing assistance
  • Networking assistance
  • Applying for Minority-Owned, Veteran-Owned and HUBZone certification
  • Assistance with government contracting and vendor certification
  • Guidance launching a Kickstarter or other crowd funding campaign

We exist to create jobs, and we are looking for businesses that want to create jobs and grow their business in the South Valley.  The South Valley Economic Development Center has incubated more than 100 businesses. If you would like to be considered for an incubation space, please complete our incubation form at the link below:

 Apply For Incubation



The South Valley Economic Development Center is a place for South Valley residents pursue their passions, employ their neighbors, support the tax base and follow their business dreams.  The SVEDC is more than just a building, it is a community of entrepreneurs working together to grow their businesses and further the development of the South Valley.

We are a business hub built for the community.  In addition to our business, the SVEDC serves as a meeting space for the community.  South Valley based non-profits, businesses, and neighborhood groups regularly attend our events and classes held at the facility. Our conference center is available for use by neighborhood groups.

To further the SVEDC’s mission to build entrepreneurship and be a resource for the community, the SVEDC has recently launched a new project called The Sandbox.  The Sandbox is the South Valley’s first coworking space and it is designed to be a place where community members can work on projects, take classes, and receive support from local professionals.  See how you can be become a part at:
“I’m a native South Valley resident and my clients love it that my office is in the South Valley. And I love this facility – the design is great and the support staff have been very helpful.  I started my business in March and it is growing and growing.”
 – Fred Pohl
Owner, Complete Financial

About Us

The mission of the South Valley Economic Development Center is to provide facilities, resources, and training to support the development of new and expanding small businesses that will create jobs and foster economic revitalization of the South Valley community, while preserving the heritage and culture of the community.

What is SVEDC?

The South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC) is a collaborative effort between Bernalillo County and the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation (RGCDC).  The SVEDC serves as both a business incubator for clients utilizing the facility, and as an economic development catalyst for the unincorporated area of the South Valley.

Built in 2004, the 17,000 square foot center also offers flexible leases on office space, a commercial kitchen, and other support for small businesses.  The SVEDC empowers local growers and businesses by providing a site for manufacturing value-added products and establishing networks among businesses, growers, distributors, and retailers.

Over the past seven years, the SVEDC has:

  • Incubated over 100 businesses
  • Created over 350 jobs
  • Returned $8.2 million in payroll back to the local economy
  • Success rate over four times the national average
  • Assists over 250 potential entrepreneurs a year


Tim Nisly, Director:
April Hererra, Building Manager:


At the beginning of the Bridge and Isleta Boulevards Revitalization planning sessions in 1996, community residents recommended that a small business incubator be built to address economic development issues in the South Valley.

In response to the request, the Rio Grand Community Development Center (RGCDC) developed the Bridge and Isleta Boulevards Revitalization plan.  The plan made the development of a business incubator in the South Valley a priority.  In addition to traditional business incubation, the plan also identified the economic development benefits of locating a commercial kitchen within the facility. The commercial kitchen would provide value added opportunities for residents involved in local farming and food production.

The University of New Mexico’s Design and Planning Assistance Center (DePAC) provided the initial designs for the project.  The project secured funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the University’s Resource Center for Raza Planning, the directed by Teresa Cordova.  The Resource Center for Raza Planning also conducted door-to-door interviewing and surveying to determine ongoing community support and to gather suggestions for the facility’s development.  Based on South Valley residents’ responses to these surveys and community planning meetings, the community decided to name the project the South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC).

Ground breaking for the “South Valley Economic Development Center” took place in 2003 and construction was completed in 2005.  The SVEDC’s Grand Opening took place in the summer of 2005, and Tony Gallegos was named the Executive Director of the facility in the fall of 2005.  The facility continues to operate under the Rio Grande Community Development Center (RGCDC), and offers flexible leases on the commercial kitchen facility and the traditional business offices housed in the facility.

Salud y Sabor is a free community event held once a month at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.  The evening is full of food, art,...
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The Street Food Institute (SFI), an entrepreneur-focused culinary program, will celebrate the launch of two new state-of-the-art training trucks at the New Mexico State Legislature...
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SpaceBooster LLC

SpaceBooster LLC is an aerospace engineering consulting company with 25 senior consultants. It is a veteran-owned, HUBZone-certified business operating out of the SVEDC. Our consultants have worked for organizations such as the Air Force and NASA designing spacecraft, performing systems engineering on complex aerospace systems, and other highly-skilled work.

Agri-Cultura Network

Agri-Cultura Network is a farmer-owned produce brokerage that markets certified organic, local produce from Albuquerque’s South Valley to restaurants, institutions, and local growers’ markets. Our mission is to empower community through farm production and job creation to increase self-determination and sustainability.

Partnership for Community Action

The Partnership for Community Action works to build strong, healthy communities throughout New Mexico by investing in people and families, supporting them to become strong leaders in our neighborhoods and in our state. Our vision is to create strong, healthy communities in which everyone has access to quality education, health and economic opportunity throughout New Mexico.

Cion Housing Services

Cion Housing Services specializes in offering housing services to the mentally and physically disabled. Cion works with the Department of Housing and Urban Development to ensure the Albuquerque’s disabled residents are provided with safe, affordable housing.

Wetwater Environmental Services

Wetwater Environmental Services is a small hydrological and ecological contracting and consulting business founded by Christian LeJeune. The goal of WWES is to combine hydrology with long-term ecological monitoring to better understand the dynamics and workings of various biological systems.

1st Choice Enrichment Programs

1st Choice Enrichment Programs provides tutoring and after school programs for South Valley student. Our programs are designed to improve student academic achievement in reading and math, as well as school attendance, classroom behavior and promotion to the next grade level.

Fred Pohl of SunWest

Fred Pohl of SunWest provides insurance and financial services tailored to the unique financial needs of South Valley residents.

AIA Albuquerque

With a commitment to innovation and education, AIA Albuquerque represents and advocates the architectural community as the leader in shaping the built environment for the public good. AIA is the voice of the architectural profession and is dedicated promoting design excellence and uniting the architectural community in Albuquerque.


An initiative of South Valley MainStreet, the Gateway  Growers Market will begin on May 14! Every Thursday evening from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. there...
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Taza is SVEN’s first event series hosted every Thursday at 9:00am at the South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC).  Each week features a topic/theme provided...
Author: Jessie Damazyn
Posted: April 23, 2015, 9:00 am


The South Valley Economic Development Center is proud to announce of the SVEDC Mentorship Program! The Albuquerque and South Valley area are full of people who are experts in their fields as well as full of people looking to find answers and guidance from those that have been there before.

The SVEDC Mentorship Program is for those interested in a starting up a business or developing a new set of skills. This gives them the ability to tap into a pool of experienced business owners and professionals who have navigated their industry with skill and have a desire to give back to the economic community.

To become a part of this exciting program, complete either the “Mentor” or “Mentee” applications found below.

Looking to receive guidance from a local professional? Apply to become a “mentee” here:

Want to give back to the community by giving advice and guidance? Apply to become a “mentor” here:


What is SVEN?


The South Valley Entrepreneurial Network (SVEN), is a collaborative group of South Valley community members and small business owners.  The goal is for members to form relationships and gain support for their businesses.

Mission: Help build a cohesive and dynamic business community that supports each other, dreams together, and works together for a stronger South Valley



Taza is SVEN’s first event series hosted every Thursday at 9:00am at the South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC).

  •  Each week features a topic/theme provided by the community
  • A local entrepreneur will share a story or experience related to the theme, emphasizing barriers they are facing or have  overcome
  • The presentation will be followed by 30 minutes of open discussion, problem solving, and conversation  from the community
  • Tasa begins March 5, 2015 and will continue every Thursday following.

Next Event: March 5 – How to bring more South Valley customers to your business

SVEN is looking for local business owners to present at Taza!  Taza is a weekly event, where local business owners gather to hear from other in the community and contribute to a lively conversation.  Presenters, talk for 10 minutes in their most comfortable language, telling there story and then discuss a barrier they have faced or are facing. After the 10 minutes the floor is opened up to questions and suggestions from the audience.

It is a light, low pressure, fun conversation!  The presenter is heavily supported by SVEN prior to the event with one-on-one discussions, powerpoint templates, and other resources.  If you’d like to give it a try please email


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For more information on how to get involved with SVEDC please email Tim Nisly at

Business Growth

For more information on how to secure an incubation spot at the SVEDC, kitchen incubation application, or a business incubation application please email Tim Nisly at